Neshobas Gorean World

Neshobas Gorean World a freeshard Gorean Role Play

Neshobas Gorean World

This Is a 18+ Adult Game Shard Website Please Leave NOW If You Are Under 18

All Military Players Please Inform Staff To Have Accounts Tagged  To save During Deployments Your Account Will Not Be Deleted For Inactivity   

Shard Patch is Latest Patch {recommend patching this high}}

Shard = Neshobas  Gorean World

IP  port 2593

 Hues     You Will Need These Hues For Your Colors To Match

All Skills To 120 Stats to 450 + Armor

Link To Our Patched Client

Our Patched Client   may not be synced properly yet for download

  Razor Connection         

     Player How To Information     

A step into the World Of Role Playing Gor

18+ This will offer a step into the world of Gorean Role Play for those chosing to do so ,Please read all the RULES and other INFO that will be posted here at the Website , 

"He is Master, and I am slave.
He is Owner, and I am owned. He commands, and I obey.
He is to be pleased, and I am to please.
Why is this?
Because he is Master, and I am slave."

Neshobas Website  For the Gorean Roleplayers

{Disclaimer for Website and Game Shard } The game Neshobas Gorean World is a 18+ adult shard . You have chosen to play there , We cannot control the ages of players as some will not tell Thier appropiate age ,There is No Graphic nudity to be Posted In Website . The Shard Neshobas Gorean World offers Players a step in to the World of Gorean Roleplay which May Not Be Suitable for all ages , Therefore Links to Gorean pages and some Info is avalabel here . If You are Not Of the Appropiate Age it Is Advised That You Leave Now . You Have Chosen To View The Site and Play at The Game Shard There By Releasing Us from Any damages or Liability

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