Neshobas Gorean World

Neshobas Gorean World a freeshard Gorean Role Play

Neshobas Gorean World

This Is a 18+ Adult Game Shard Website Please Leave NOW If You Are Under 18

Shard Patch is {recommend patching this high}}

Shard = Neshobas  Gorean World

IP  port 2593

 Hues     You Will Need These Hues For Your Colors To Match

All Skills To 120 Stats to 450 + Armor

Link To Our Patched Client

Our Patched Client   may not be synced properly yet for download

  Razor Connection         

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A step into the World Of Role Playing Gor

18+ This will offer a step into the world of Gorean Role Play for those chosing to do so ,Please read all the RULES and other INFO that will be posted here at the Website , 

"He is Master, and I am slave.
He is Owner, and I am owned. He commands, and I obey.
He is to be pleased, and I am to please.
Why is this?
Because he is Master, and I am slave."

Neshobas Website  For the Gorean Roleplayers

{Disclaimer for Website and Game Shard } The game Neshobas Gorean World is a 18+ adult shard . You have chosen to play there , We cannot control the ages of players as some will not tell Thier appropiate age ,There is No Graphic nudity to be Posted In Website . The Shard Neshobas Gorean World offers Players a step in to the World of Gorean Roleplay which May Not Be Suitable for all ages , Therefore Links to Gorean pages and some Info is avalabel here . If You are Not Of the Appropiate Age it Is Advised That You Leave Now . You Have Chosen To View The Site and Play at The Game Shard There By Releasing Us from Any damages or Liability

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